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Mobile Outreach Delivery

Our suite of mobile solutions innovates the way you deliver your message to your community/employees.
Reach your audience wherever they are.
Teach, reinforce and test your training.
Manage community/employee safety.

Where Technology Meets Content

To launch a successful mobile outreach program, you not only need the technology to deliver your message but the relevant content to support it.
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Reliable Content

Kick-start your mobile initiative. Our well-researched content is preloaded into our Resource Apps.
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Cost-effective Solution

Save time and money. Our modular build delivers an affordable digital solution quickly and effortlessly.
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Continuous Engagement

Nurture user engagement with regular updates. Our experienced content team can provide authoritative, effective material as needed.
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Our Content

Our Content

Our subject matter expertise is built on over 25 years of experience and a dedication to getting it right. We specialize in making complex information clear, concise and easy to read. Exclusively for our app clients, in an interactive eGuide format.

Our eGuides

QuickSeries eGuides offer a unique and dynamic reading experience!
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App & Portal System

App & Portal System

We provide a client-specific app and Web-based portal to help you achieve your ideal mobile outreach solution.

A Modular App Architecture

Supply effective content in real time.

Web-based Administrative Portal

Quickly and conveniently manage your app from anywhere.
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Create informative news articles and push them out to all your users at once.

Create your own personal library by uploading PDFs with need-to-know information.

Easily access and browse a customizable library of informative QuickSeries eGuides.

Create rich text messages with embedded media to capture your audience

Feature valued partners or exclusive deals in a dedicated promotional space.

Inform app users about the who, what, where and when of can’t-miss events with this go-to calendar.

Deliver immediate in-app access to a variety of relevant resources.

Create bundle codes to share and allow specific users to access private eGuides.

Offer your users access to video links that complement your content.

Allow users to browse or search a selection of Q&As on any topic.

Transform plain documents into visually appealing, interactive eDocs.


Provide specific tests, quizzes and assessments so users can evaluate their status, risk and knowledge.

Create unique checklists for users to follow tasks, track progress or list important items.

Allow app users to send reports from their devices to the administrative portal.


Encourage users to prepare for any emergency with information and tools.

Keep app users informed of imminent/ongoing emergencies and prepare staff with practice drills. Administrator can send geo-targeted push notifications.

Guide residents to safety with evacuation routes, and provide information on shelters, hospitals and police/fire stations.


Provide your users with a code that will either restrict or grant them access to specific modules.

Our technology is certified with the Defense Information Systems Agency, a combat support agency of the Department of Defense.

Use app registration data to gain additional insight into your community and use the information to drive your marketing initiatives.

Invite specific people to download the app.


Our technology is accessible to people with disabilities.
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We are committed to providing a smooth mobile experience with little to no downtime.
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Deliver Content to Your Users

Deliver Content to Your Users

The path to true user engagement begins with compelling content.

Authoring Tool CMS

With our included Authoring Tool CMS, we encourage our clients to create and publish fresh content for their users.
Transform simple documents into visually appealing and engaging interactive eDocs.
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We also support our clients by providing access to a catalog of reliable, dynamic content developed specifically for our Apps and their intended audiences.
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System Structure

Our technology supports any type of content you need to deliver. With the ability to scale to any size of audience, the potential for your mobile outreach program is unlimited.

Easy App Creation with QuickSeries​

Your Content
Is King

Your message will never get lost in our technology.​

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We keep you informed at every step of the development process, from design to launch.

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Follow a simple onboarding process and easily access technical support from North America.

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App Success

After-launch support is available, including content creation services and marketing tools to help drive downloads and app stickiness.

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Your Content
Is King



App Success

Topic-Focused Apps

Keep your COMMUNITY safe


Foster year-round connection, solidarity and emergency preparedness while also providing your community with valuable day-to-day tools.
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Keep your OCCUPANTS safe

Logo OccupantGUARD

Your mobile Occupant Emergency Plan, providing information and efficient communication before, during and after an emergency.
Keep your MEMBERS engaged

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Designed for professional and trade associations, this dynamic, feature-rich tool will become your main communication app with the new labor force.

Some of Our Apps

Some of Our Apps

Client Video: NAVY EFMP

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