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Our suite of mobile delivery solutions innovate the way you deliver your message to your community, facility or workplace – so everyone can access vital information quickly, accurately and conveniently.


QuickSeries eGuides offer a unique and dynamic reading experience!

Users easily interact with eGuide content through various built-in features, including menus, checklists, forms, bookmarks and easy note-taking capabilities.

  • Information is always readily available
  • Interactive content, news, notifications and alerts
  • Innovative and engaging eGuide designs

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Do you have the QuickSeries Mobile Reader?

The QuickSeries Mobile® Reader is a free, sophisticated and dedicated reader used to download, view and interact with the entire QuickSeries® eGuide library quickly and seamlessly. When you download your QuickSeries Mobile® Reader you also have immediate access to a free sampling of QuickSeries® eGuides currently available for purchase.

Resource Apps

QuickSeries Resource Apps provide effective content in real time in a straightforward format that promotes mobile engagement. With our turnkey, modular approach, we can provide quick delivery and affordable pricing to help you achieve your ideal mobile outreach solution. 

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Uniting Content and Technology

Our growing selection of modules

Mix and match to create unique app systems

  • Web-Based Administrative Portal

    Quickly and conveniently update and manage your app from anywhere.

  • News

    Create informative news articles and push them out to all your users at once.

  • Resources and Mapping

    Deliver immediate in-app access to a variety of relevant resources.

  • Video Library

    Offer your users access to video links that complement your content.

  • PDF Library

    Create your own personal library by uploading PDFs with need-to-know info.

  • FAQ

    Allow users to browse or search a selection of Q&As on any topic.

  • eGuide Library

    Easily access and browse your personal library of interactive QuickSeries eGuides.

    • Bundle Codes

      Provide your users with a code that will either restrict or grant them access to specific eGuides.

    • Reader

      Use the dedicated reader to quickly and seamlessly download your personal library of interactive QuickSeries eGuides for your reading pleasure.



  • Event Schedules

    Inform app users about the who, what, where and when of can’t-miss events with this go-to calendar.

  • Checklists

    Create unique checklists for users to follow tasks, track progress or list important items.

  • Assessments

    Provide specific tests, quizzes and assessments so users can evaluate their status, risk and knowledge.

  • Forms and Reporting

    Allow app users to send reports from their device to the Administrative Portal.

  • Public User Registration

    Use app registration data to gain additional insight into your community and use the information to drive your marketing initiatives and analytics.

  • Private User Registration

    Enjoy the benefits of an added level of security from public user registration.

  • Modules Access Codes

    Control access to content and functionality on a feature-by-feature basis.

  • Make My Plan

    Organizations can help their people prepare at home.

  • Alerts

    Alert all app users to imminent or ongoing emergencies and update/end Alerts as the situations evolve. Prepare your staff with practice drills.

  • Authoring Tool

    Transform plain documents into visually appealing and engaging interactive eDocs.

  • Advantages

    Feature valued partners or exclusive deals in a dedicated promotional space.

Fully Integrated App Systems

With years of working directly with key decision makers in various industries under our belt, we have gained the insight needed to create app systems that fill pivotal roles within these industries. With that knowledge in hand, our software developers have worked side by side with content experts to create app systems that are designed to fully integrate into your daily life.

The QuickSeries Membership Hub App System

QuickSeries® has created an app specifically for professional and trade associations to interact with their members – a dynamic and feature-rich app system that encompasses your association’s multiple requirements, and eliminates the need for any other communication apps.

Contact us to learn more about how this app solution will help increase membership and overall engagement, while helping your association generate revenue and reach the new labor force.

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The QuickSeries PREPARE • RESPOND • RECOVER App System

Ensuring the safety of the people in your organization with an Occupant Emergency Plan is your most important responsibility. In an emergency, informed and well-prepared employees are safe employees. Give them the know-how they need to stay safe in any disaster, anywhere. The QuickSeries PREPARE • RESPOND • RECOVER App System is your mobile OEP that provides vital information and efficient communication before, during and after an emergency.

Offer your employees the tools and resources they need to know how to plan for safety at work, while travelling and at home.

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Community Preparedness App System

Engaging your state, counties, cities and your citizens to prepare for disaster is easier than ever with our fully integrated app solution. Designed with decision makers in mind, we have taken our role as a leader in the emergency preparedness sector to the next level by creating an integrated app solution that is individually tailored for your state, county or citiy and keeps your citizens safe.

Learn more about how this app system can simultaneously benefit everyone of your citizens.
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QuickSeries Corporate COVID Response

We are still working to help support you and your communities during these unprecedented times.