Staff & Facility Safety Preparedness

With our OEP mobile app

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Resource Hub

Provide your employees with your choice of preloaded authoritative QuickSeries content.

Communication Tool

Support your emergency plans by communicating vital information to targeted audiences during an event.


Use the Safety Check feature to request that employees notify administrators of their status during and after an emergency.

Where are your people, and are they safe? Would they know what to do if disaster struck?

Ensuring the safety of the people in your organization is your most important responsibility. In an emergency, informed and well-prepared employees are safe employees. Give them the know-how they need to stay safe in any disaster, anywhere.

The QuickSeries PREPARE • RESPOND • RECOVER App System provides vital information and efficient communication before, during and after an emergency.

  • Alert app users to weather-related events and active threats.
  • Prompt employees to check in during or following an emergency event. See who is safe, and who needs help in real time.
  • Push news about changes to workplace policies and security measures.
  • Provide important workplace contacts.
  • Increase preparedness among your staff and their families.
  • Deliver authoritative QuickSeries content.

App system breakdown


The Admin Portal

Your app’s command center:

  • Secure login for unlimited admin users
  • No software to download
  • Maintain content yourself for instant updating


The Mobile App

Preparedness know-how on the go:

  • Instant updates and alerts
  • Off-line access to vital information
  • In-app access to resources and tools

Staff & Facility OEP Features

  • Alerts

    Alert all app users to imminent or ongoing emergencies and update and end Alerts as the situations evolve. Prepare your staff with practice drills.

  • Safety Check

    Prompt users to check in following an Alert with a one-touch “I am safe” or “I need help” message.

  • eGuide Library

    Authoritative content selected from the QuickSeries content suites.

  • News

    Articles, RSS feeds and push notifications.

  • Resources and Mapping

    Searchable and categorized contacts and resources with a map view.

  • PDF Library

    Convenient in-app access to workplace policies and emergency operation plans.

  • Video Library

    Streamed access to relevant videos.

  • FAQ

    Questions and answers about disaster preparedness and emergency plans.

Included Must-Have Safety Functions

Mobile Admin

Admin-only mobile access to manage Alerts and monitor Safety Check-ins in real time, from anywhere.

Module Access Codes

Control access to content and functionality on a feature-by-feature basis.

Make My Plan @Home

Encourage staff members to prepare their families for any emergency with information and tools they can use at home.

Private User Registration

Tailor the app experience to the people in your organization with invitation-only access, configuration and alerts.

Forms & Reporting

Collect critical in-the-moment information directly from staff and receive safety insights and information you can act on.


Create quizzes and tests users can take to evaluate risk, assess knowledge tests or establish compliance.

Preparedness content suites

3 eGuides of your choice from our content suites are included in your app. Add additional titles to expand your community's library.

Weather Emergencies

Be emergency-ready for any natural disaster that can strike your area – from hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and wildfires.

Preparedness Planning

Give your employees the tools they need to effectively prepare for, plan for and respond to any natural or man-made disaster – from tornadoes and earthquakes to hazardous materials and terrorism.

Active Threat

From active shooter events to unexpected explosions, empower citizens with the knowledge they need to be safe during any active threat event.

At Home / Family Ready

Learn how to prepare your entire family – parents, kids, family members with special needs, and pets alike – for natural and man-made disasters.

At Work

Help employees feel safe and secure on the job. Give them the knowledge they need to stay safe during any emergency situation or threat.


Get valuable information on dealing with the aftermath: cleaning up, filing insurance claims and emotional healing.

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