First responders should always be ready for medical emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, so it's best for first responders to always be prepared. Enhance vital medical emergency preparedness programs with essential planning and response guidelines for first responders.


  • Obtain a thorough understanding of various hazardous materials (hazmat) classifications and incidents so you can recognize and respond to threats.
  • Refine your organization’s decision-making, action-planning and response management processes.
  • Learn essential life-saving decontamination procedures for self, victims and responders, and know important post-event actions.

Hospital Emergency Preparedness

  • Help hospital administrators, staff and safety managers develop and implement effective emergency preparedness plans.
  • Get specific guidelines for dealing with and responding to small- or large-scale hospital emergency situations.
  • Develop crucial emergency response actions, fine tune planning processes, organize the management of simultaneous events and conduct important self-assessments.
  • Use valuable checklists, organizational charts, worksheets and resources to help with emergency preparedness efforts.

Radiological Event Preparedness

  • Get a comprehensive overview of preventing and responding to radiological and nuclear events, including information on radiation basics and medical management.
  • Develop crucial emergency response actions and organize post-event recovery efforts.
  • Use valuable checklists, charts, resources and appendices to support preparedness and response efforts.

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