For Corrections

Support corrections officers on the job

Corrections officers and other personnel have a difficult and often dangerous job to perform. Complement your facility’s various staff and inmate programs with our library of comprehensive Corrections guides.

For Corrections Professionals

  • Take your pocket-sized guide on the job for quick and easy reference of relevant information.
  • Have the knowledge and power to better execute your duties by implementing your guide as a workplace “cheat sheet.”
  • Use valuable lists and resources to help maintain security and effectively perform your duties.

For Transitioning Inmates

  • Help inmates get the skills and support they need to successfully transition from prison to the community.
  • Offer education and job search resources, housing and homeless programs, and more.
  • Provide inmates with useful resources on receiving financial assistance or seeking out mental health services.

PREA Standards

  • Understand crucial Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards with concise, user-friendly explanations and terms.
  • Know how to detect, respond to and prevent sexual abuse and harassment in prisons, jails and juvenile facilities.
  • Encourage correctional officers and any other employees, contractors and volunteers to understand their responsibilities.
  • Search for and find important information quickly and easily with the use of efficient color-coded tabs.

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