QuickSeries Publishing August 16, 2017

Quickseries Publishing Launches The New QS Community Board!

The QS Team

Welcome to the new QS Community Board on the relaunched QuickSeries.com! As part of the redesign, we created this community board to reach out and provide content to our website users in the same straight-to-the-point way as our print readers.

Weekly, our editors will be blogging about the most important current topics impacting communities across the country. Look forward to:

  • Coverage on all the major awareness events such as Suicide Prevention, Diabetes Awareness and National Preparedness.
  • Helpful tips on essential lifestyle matters, such as staying in shape, taking healthy lunches to school and keeping your finances in the green.
  • Up-to-date information on trending topics, such as Zika virus prevention and emergency management news.

Get QuickSeries® Updates and So Much More

The QS Community Board will also be the place to read the latest updates on QuickSeries’® partnerships (big news coming!), what trade shows we are attending and other important news that keep you in the know. Complementary products for these events and updates will be shown in the trending topics bar at the top of our homepage and will often change to reflect what is happening in the country.

By pairing blogs with trending topics, we provide a useful resource for you to stay up to date on awareness events and information on how we, as a community, can always remain wise to the vital issues that affect us.

We view the community board as an area for our team of experts to deliver vital messages directly to your community with the same professionally written content readers have come to expect. Whether it is online or in print, QuickSeries® will always tailor material to its audience’s needs so they can lead safer, healthier lives.

Feedback on any blog or on the community board itself by emailing us at: feedback@quickseries.com

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