Home Life September 1, 2020

This Labor Day Weekend, Have Fun but Think Safety First

Heather M., Editor

Enjoy the last few days of summer weather while staying safe with some easy-to-follow tips. Here are some helpful safety tips:     Get more information about dealing with extreme heat, water safety, backyard fire safety and...

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Home Life, Military Life August 26, 2020

Educate Your Military Community on Social Media Safety

Amanda S., Editor

Browsing social media can be an entertaining pastime and an outlet for a child's creativity, but there are hazards to watch out for. Provide social media safety tips and guidelines to your Service members and their families to ensure that everyone...

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Work Life & Safety August 18, 2020

Talk It Out: How to Communicate with Coworkers

Maggie K., Editor in Chief

The key to building a harmonious, civil workplace is employees and managers who do their part to avoid the common behaviors that create conflict amongst coworkers. They must be respectful, be open to others’ opinions and, above all, be good commun...

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Security & Preparedness August 12, 2020

Keep Your Identify Safe and Your Money Secure

Maggie K., Editor in Chief

Financial fraud is real - 2.7 million identity theft and fraud reports were received in the U.S. in 2017. Teach the members of your community to safeguard their information so they can keep their hard-earned cash in their own pockets.  ...

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Military Life August 5, 2020

Giving Wounded Service Members a Helping Hand

Krystina C., Editor

Mental health conditions are one of the most reported health problems among Service members. Learn about PTSD, depression and anxiety, and how Warrior Care can help Service members get back on their feet.        ...

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Health & Wellness July 29, 2020

2 Key Steps to Beat Heart Disease

Julia S., Editor

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S. Inform your community about what factors increase their risk for heart disease – and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a statistic.         Contact U...

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Home Life, Security & Preparedness July 22, 2020

Extreme Heat: Tips on How to Stay Safe

Clarissa S., Editor

Extreme heat is the leading weather-related cause of death in the U.S. Use these tips and guidelines to keep yourself and your family safe during extremely hot weather.       Contact Us Today! Contact an Account Manag...

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Military Life July 15, 2020

A Career Out of Camouflage: Five Benefits to Hiring Veterans

Amanda S., Editor

The next time résumés flood your desk, keep our Service population in mind. Hiring Veterans means putting your organization's mission in the hands of dependable, adaptable and proactive individuals who can take your business to the next level. ...

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Health & Wellness, Home Life July 8, 2020

Prevent Mosquito-Borne Illness With These Safety Tips

Amanda S., Editor

Imagine you're sitting on a lakefront property at dusk with a cozy bonfire roaring in front of you and a rustic cabin nestled behind you. You have nothing on your mind except rest, relaxation and rejuvenation and then... buzzzzz! You are surrounde...

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QuickSeries Team July 1, 2020

Add Patriotic Flavor to your Independence Day with These 14 Facts about the Fourth of July

Erika S., Editor in Chief

Celebrating in red, white and blue with a backyard barbecue? Share these 14 facts to bring a little history to your Fourth of July festivities. July 2, 1776, is the day that the Continental Congress actually voted for independence from Great ...

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