Military Life November 19, 2019

Be Money Smart: A Resource App for Service Members

Krystina C., Editor

Service members have a lot of financial information to learn and retain, from balancing a budget to getting out of debt. Free readiness information and courses are available to all on each installation. But, are Service members getting the most out of these resources? Are they confident and prepared to fulfil their financial responsibilities? Is there a better way to help them manage their finances, save for retirement and avoid debt?

A Resource App for Service Members

Service members and their families need access to resources and programs that will help them thrive in military life. The QuickSeries® Resource App is the ideal way to deliver information, news and resources your Service members want and need.

With an easy-to-use interface, the app was designed to grow with your installation's needs:

  • Organize, search for and update the app at any time.
  • Choose specific options and features so you can get the most out of your app.
  • Add all of the financial information, programs and support your installation provides.
  • Load the app with useful resources, links to websites and contact buttons for phone numbers and email.
  • Promote your installation's latest news and events with push notifications.
  • Post articles, eye-catching photos and headlines to keep users engaged.

Personal Library of eGuides

eGuides offer a unique and dynamic reading experience, with built-in features such as menus, checklists, forms, bookmarks and easy note-taking capabilities. Preload your app with eGuides selected from our Military Financial Responsibility suite, such as BRS & TSP: Invest In Your Future, The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Military Payday: Income and Entitlements.

With access to a library of eGuides, Service members can:

  • Understand the different investment, pay and allowance options available.
  • Make informed decisions concerning their finances.
  • Ensure they're receiving all the benefits available to them through various military programs.
  • Secure financial well-being and attain their financial goals.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing they're making smart investments and securing their family's financial future.

Our team can also create custom eGuides for you or you may create and publish your own with our user-friendly Authoring Tool. The Authoring Tool allows you to transform plain documents into visually appealing and interactive eDocs.

Growing With Your Needs

The QuickSeries® Resource App comes equipped with 15+ modules, including an Assessment module that allows you to collect instant user feedback from tests, quizzes and assessments on a variety of financial topics.

Enrich Service members lives by putting the information they need at their fingertips. Book a demo now!

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