Military Life April 6, 2021

Military Saves Month: 5 Financial Problems Faced by Military Families

Maggie K., Editor in Chief

The unpredictability of military life can bring an onslaught of financial problems for Service members and their families. From low income to high debt, money issues can have a serious effect on a Service member’s life and career. Financial problems may cause distraction and stress, which will ultimately affect mission readiness.

In honor of Military Saves Month, learn about the types of financial problems military families might face and how to overcome them. If armed with the right knowledge, Service members can make good money choices that put them on the path to financial success.

Money & Mission Success

Remember: Financial readiness impacts mission readiness. Service members who have their finances in order can focus on the mission at hand, build wealth, have peace of mind, and enjoy more financial freedom in the future.

For more information on various financial topics, browse the QuickSeries® library of guides, including Becoming Debt-Free and Be Money Smart: Investment Planning for Your Future.

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