Security & Preparedness August 7, 2019

Safety Tips to Help You Protect Your Family and Property from Wildfires

Clarissa S., Editor

In the U.S., wildfires cause death, injury and property damage every year. Wildfires are unplanned fires that burn in natural areas such as forests, grasslands or prairies. They can turn lives upside down and cause irreparable damage. Protect your...

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Security & Preparedness April 16, 2019

Wildland Woes: Help Your Fire Community Better Cope with Stress

Julia S., Editor

The wildland fire community – firefighters, emergency medical service (EMS) and law enforcement personnel – encounters challenging obstacles in their line of duty, so much so that they may experience traumatic stress. Ensure your wildland fire com...

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Security & Preparedness August 7, 2018

Weathering a Wildfire: Helping Your Community Survive

Heather M., Editor

Hot summer weather brings the dry conditions and drought that make vegetation very flammable, increasing the risk of wildfires. Make sure your community is prepared ahead of time and that your citizens also know what to do during and after a wildf...

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Security & Preparedness March 6, 2018

Ward Off Wildfires: Teach Your Community to Be Campfire Smart

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Every year, wildfires throughout the country claim people’s homes and lives. Wildfires can spread quickly igniting brush, trees, homes and anything else in their paths. They can last for days and even weeks, and burn hundreds of acres of land. ...

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