Military Life September 3, 2019

Army SHARP Program: Creating A Culture Free Of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Clarissa S., Editor

What is the SHARP Program? The Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program aims to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment in the Army. The goal is to create a cultural change across the Army that results in greater sen...

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Work Life & Safety February 28, 2019

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Recognition, Response & Recovery

Amanda S., Editor

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere. In certain situations, there is a simple solution to dealing with it, but if it's workplace sexual harassment, happening somewhere a person spends the majority of their waking hours and is supposed to feel sa...

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Home Life, Security & Preparedness January 22, 2019

Stop the Stalking: Recognize the Signs, Report the Crime

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Stalking – we’ve all seen it in the movies. A mysterious man hiding in a dark alley, watching his victim from the shadows… But scarier than a scene from the latest thriller is stalking in real life. Over 3 million Americans age 18 or older have b...

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