Financial Planning

Security & Preparedness August 12, 2020

Keep Your Identify Safe and Your Money Secure

Maggie K., Editor in Chief

Financial fraud is real - 2.7 million identity theft and fraud reports were received in the U.S. in 2017. Teach the members of your community to safeguard their information so they can keep their hard-earned cash in their own pockets.  ...

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Military Life December 12, 2019

Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Zena L., Editor

Military life can sometimes impact your budget. For instance, if you are being deployed, your salary could change or you could be faced with some unexpected expenses. Budgeting is important, and this includes your holiday shopping budget. If you’v...

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Military Life November 19, 2019

Be Money Smart: A Resource App for Service Members

Krystina C., Editor

Service members have a lot of financial information to learn and retain, from balancing a budget to getting out of debt. Free readiness information and courses are available to all on each installation. But, are Service members getting the most ou...

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Security & Preparedness October 30, 2018

Financial Fraud: Keep Your Identify Safe and Your Money Secure

Maggie K., Senior Editor

No one is safe from financial fraud. From teens to the elderly, people of any age can be victims. Fraudsters are relentless – they steal personal information, access people’s bank accounts, and even trick people into sending them money, amongst ot...

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Military Life March 1, 2018

Military Retirement Planning: Spread the Word about the BRS

Heather M., Editor

As a follow-up to Military Saves Week, now is a good time to reinforce the message about the Blended Retirement System (BRS) to the Service members on your installation. The BRS has been in effect for a few months – do all your members who are eli...

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Military Life February 14, 2018

Decisions, Decisions! Is the New Uniformed Services BRS Right for You?

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Saving for retirement is a top priority for many Service members. And thanks to the new Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System (BRS), many members can reap the benefits of investing in their post-military futures. Members who enter the milit...

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Home Life January 11, 2018

New Year, New Budget! 6 Tips for Spending Less & Saving More

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Ah, the New Year. A time to hope, dream and start fresh… with a new personal budget. As many recover from holiday (over)spending, and distant memories of shredding colored wrapping and gluttonous dinners fill the air, New Year’s resolutions about ...

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Home Life December 20, 2017

Ring in the New Year Right: 5 Key Steps to Becoming Debt-Free and Achieving Financial Freedom in 2018

Julia S., Editor

December is a great time for self-reflection. Many take this time to follow up with the New Year's resolutions they had made the year before, asking themselves if they accomplished what they had set their minds to. Getting out of debt is a reso...

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Military Life November 21, 2017

Help your Service Members Take Financial Control - Military Saves Week, February 26 – March 3, 2018

QuickSeries Publishing

Get your installation prepared for Military Saves Week with QuickSeries® military-specific line of products aimed at promoting financial discipline in your Service members. Ranging from saving strategies and eliminating debt to understanding all t...

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