Community Preparedness

Security & Preparedness March 31, 2021

Keep Your Community Safe and Informed with the QuickSeries® UNITE App

Amanda S., Senior Editor

When faced with an emergency or disaster, your citizens need crucial, and possibly life-saving, information and resources to keep themselves and their families safe. People might think they are ready for an emergency, but no one really knows until...

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Security & Preparedness February 23, 2021

Recruiting CERT Volunteers in Your Community

Maggie K., Editor in Chief

Emergencies happen quickly and without warning. While first responders are there to help, they are not always able to provide immediate assistance to everyone. You can make a difference in your community by mobilizing your Community Emergency Resp...

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Security & Preparedness February 26, 2020

Setting Up a CERT Program In Your Community Can Save Lives

When disaster strikes, the capabilities of emergency personnel may be stretched to the limit. A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) can effectively act as an extension of emergency services during your community's time of need. Setting up a C...

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