Winter Storm

Military Life, Security & Preparedness October 10, 2019

Stay Safe in Extremely Cold Weather

Zena L., Editor

Military personnel often find themselves in new locations, and that can present unfamiliar weather challenges. If you have recently relocated to a cooler climate, learn how to prepare and stay safe in extremely cold weather. Extremely Cold Weathe...

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Home Life, Security & Preparedness February 19, 2019

Keep Your Family Safe: 6 Steps to Take Now Before a Snowstorm Hits

Krystina C., Editor

The fact is, most people are unprepared when a major snowstorm hits. The ice, snow and extreme cold can knock out electricity for days, leaving families at risk of car accidents, frostbite and hypothermia. Before a storm warning comes in, learn ho...

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Home Life, Work Life & Safety December 13, 2018

From Snowbound to Safe: 9 Steps to Surviving Winter Driving

Heather M., Editor

It’s winter driving time! Help your citizens stay safe all season long by reminding them how to stay safe on the road, with tips on preparing their cars and how to adjust their driving habits to the cold-weather conditions. Winter Driving Surviva...

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Security & Preparedness October 2, 2018

Winter Storm Prep: Bracing for the Icy Road Ahead

Maggie K., Senior Editor

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and the jackets are getting warmer. Summer is officially over – and winter will soon creep its chilly, snowy head into our daily lives. Nearly all Americans, regardless of where they live...

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