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Military Life January 24, 2019

A Career Out of Camouflage: Five Benefits to Hiring Veterans

Amanda S., Editor

Service members have very important jobs. From peacekeeping to weapons engineering, they are highly trained in a multitude of disciplines. But what happens when it comes time to separate from the military and return to civilian life? If still in a...

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Military Life November 6, 2018

Honoring Our Veterans: A Closer Look at Our American Heroes

Julia S., Editor

This Veterans Day, we extend our sincere thanks and express our heartfelt gratitude to our American heroes who have served honorably in the military, in both wartime and in peacetime. Our America would not be the great Nation it is today without o...

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Military Life October 9, 2018

Veterans: Stay Vigilant About Breast Cancer Awareness

Amanda S., Editor

Service members need to stay vigilant when it comes to their health and well-being since they put themselves in potentially harmful situations every day. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so this is the ideal opportunity to spread the word...

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Military Life August 28, 2018

Support Our Veterans: Do Your Part to Spread Suicide Prevention Awareness and Help A Friend in Need

Katherine E., Editor

Every suicide is a tragic loss – all the more so because suicide can be prevented. Sadly, the risk of suicide in the military among recent wartime Veterans is much higher than for the general U.S. population, likely because Service members and Vet...

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