Mental Health

Military Life November 21, 2019

Suicide Prevention for Veterans: Myths, Facts and Protective Factors

Clarissa S., Editor

Suicide prevention among Veterans is important, as Service members and Veterans are at a higher risk for suicide because of the trauma and stress they experience. To help support the Veterans in your community, read the following myths and facts a...

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Military Life April 5, 2018

Anxiety in Service Members: 9 Steps to Battling Panic Attacks

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Everyone’s felt it – racing heart, clammy hands, quick breathing… Anxiety and panic affect everyone at some point in their lives. And while experiencing some anxiety is a normal human reaction to any stressful situation, excessive recurring anxiet...

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Health & Wellness October 12, 2017

Healing from Depression: Are People in Your Community Familiar with the Treatment Options?

Heather M., Editor

You may be aware that depression is a common disorder, but did you know that of the 19 million adult Americans affected by it, only about one-third get the necessary treatment? Don’t let people in your community slip through the cracks – teach the...

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