First Responders

Health & Wellness, Work Life & Safety May 30, 2019

Stress in Emergency Responders: Know the Warning Signs

Krystina C., Editor

Emergency responders are usually the first on the scene to face challenging and stressful situations. They are also the first to reach out to disaster survivors and provide them with emotional and physical support. These duties, although criticall...

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Health & Wellness, Security & Preparedness April 30, 2019

Less Stress Is Best: Effective Self-Care for First Responders

Amanda S., Editor

From personal emergencies to large-scale natural disasters, first responders play a vital role in keeping us safe. Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel face trauma every day and are constantly putting their lives on the line for others. This...

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Work Life & Safety October 11, 2018

When the Trauma Takes Hold: Recognizing and Responding to Critical Incident Stress in First Responders

Erika S., Editor in Chief

Front-line emergency personnel experience many types of calls. Most are routine and usually not distressing, but some disturbing calls can be difficult to overcome and cause critical incident stress reactions. Critical incident stress (or traum...

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Security & Preparedness May 10, 2018

On the Front Lines of Opioid Overdose Response: First Responder Safety

Katherine E., Editor

First responders answer a growing number of calls related to opioid overdoses and emergencies every day. Accidental overdose from fentanyl exposure has caused several first responder and law enforcement deaths. Arm the first responders in your com...

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