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Education, Health & Wellness July 24, 2019

Campus Dating Safety: What Students Need to Know About Consent

Clarissa S., Editor

While most students understand that sexual assault is unacceptable, many don't know what is considered sexual assault. Students need a complete understanding of consent to create a safe campus culture. The six Cs of consent, listed below, can help...

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Education August 23, 2018

Putting the Brakes on School Bus Bullying

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Parents send their kids to school to learn, play and build lasting friendships. But, sadly, bullying has become a reality in many of our schools' hallways, playgrounds and school buses. That’s right – at least 10% of children have reported being b...

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Education October 5, 2017

The Hurt is Heavy: Bullying in Schools Needs Our Attention Now More Than Ever

Julia S., Editor

Every child has the right to feel safe at home, at school and in their community. Bullying makes this feeling much harder to achieve. Bullying can take place anywhere: at school, at parties, online, through text messages – not always where educato...

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Health & Wellness August 31, 2017

School Lunch Tips for Growing Healthy Minds and Bodies

Christina D., Senior Editor

Kids need good nutrition to learn. Without the right fuel, they won’t have the energy they need to stay focused. When kids benefit from a healthy and delicious lunch, the whole school community benefits. Cook up an appetite for learning in your sc...

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Education August 16, 2017

Back-to-School Safety: Keeping Students Safe from Bullying and Other Threats

Maggie K., Senior Editor

In September, millions of children across the country will wave good-bye to summer as they board their bright yellow buses and head to their first day of school. And while they look forward to seeing old friends, telling stories about summer vacat...

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