The most popular outreach format.

Our to-the-point, expertly designed pamphlets provide informative content to complement your program. Distribute them at organized events to quickly get your message out to the masses.
Size opened (in):
11" x 8.5”
13.9375” x 8.5”
Full color
6 or 8 (two-sided)
Tri-fold or Quad-fold
Paper Finish:
Coated Gloss


Our prices vary depending on size and quantity. Contact us to get a quote.
Of course! QuickSeries has a full content team of editors and designers with the ability to research and create a pamphlet on any topic.
Yes. QuickSeries will take your content and tailor it to fit any one of our formats.
We do not offer custom sizing; however, our two current sizes are the most common.
We fully research our topics to deliver every aspect of the message. Our material is written in a to-the-point manner, making it very easy to understand.
Yes, Contact Us for details on our ordering process and to get a quote.

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