Magnets & Cards

Magnets and message cards provide a visual reminder of your message.

From catchy slogans to cool infographics, these creative outreach tools help you boost the overall visibility of your program. Our talented design team will work with you to ensure your vital message stands out in a crowd.
magnet with description label
magnets and cards with description label

Infographic-style design

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Powerful magnetization

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Size (in):
3.5" x 2”
3.5" x 5.5”
4" x 7"
Page layout:
Landscape or Portrait
Full color


Our prices vary depending on size and quantity. Contact us to get a quote.

Of course! QuickSeries has a full team of editors and designers who can research and create a magnet or message card on any topic.

Yes. Quickseries will take your material and tailor it to fit any one of our formats.

Yes. The magnets are thick and will stick to any metal surface.

We fully research our topics to deliver every aspect of the message. Our material is written in a to-the-point manner, making it easy to understand.

Yes. Contact us for details on our ordering process and to get a quote.

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