Don’t see the title you’re looking for? Want to personalize your own topic? Our team of experts can tailor any topic or format to fit your individual needs and branding. Want to use your own content? No problem – choose one of our personalization options to easily customize your text into any of our available formats.

We offer several personalization options*:

Our Content. Your Logo.
  • Add your logo, emblem or contact information to the bottom of the front cover of any pocket guide or to the home screen of any eGuide.
  • Your logo will be permanently hot stamped onto our guide using a high-quality metallic foil or it will be designed onto the eGuide home screen.
  • This personalization option allows your community to know where the pocket guide or eGuide comes from and how to contact you.
* Please inquire about minimum order requirements
Our Content. Your Brand Imagery.
  • Redesign the front cover and back cover of an existing pocket guide or design the home screen and adapt your branding guidelines in any eGuide.
  • By integrating your branding with our credible content, your personalized pocket guide or eGuide will show that it was designed by you for your community.
  • Our turnkey solution makes adapting your brand to our content quick and hassle-free. It comes at no extra cost and is backed by our Peace of Mind Policy, guaranteeing we’ll make it right.
* Please inquire about minimum order requirements
Your Content. Our Customized Formats.
  • Let us create a custom pocket guide, eGuide or any outreach product specifically for you.
  • Whether you want to provide us with your own content or want us to write it for you, we will research, edit, design, publish and adapt your brand to fit any of our available print or digital formats and to accurately reflect your message.
  • We will even take care of uploading your eGuide on the Google Play and Apple stores.
  • Our Peace of Mind Policy will give you the reassurance that your program message is reliable and properly conveyed in a format that reaches your community – all at no extra cost.
* Please inquire about minimum order requirements