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QuickSeries® eGuides offer a convenient and dynamic reading experience and are exclusively available to our app clients.

Our eGuides make vital content accessible.

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Template Table of Contents This menu makes it simple for users to instantly jump to the information they want. eGuides contain step-by-step lists that allow users to follow tasks and track progress. Lists Interactive elements encourage users to engage with the content, not just read along. User Interface Users have the ability to bookmark important screens for quick and easy reference. Bookmarks Designed into the eGuide layout, QuickTips explain terminology and offer valuable tips. QuickTips eGuides include links to credible agencies, further delivering reliable guidance. Resource Links touch_app
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The QuickSeries Mobile® Reader is a free, sophisticated, and dedicated reader used to download, view, and interact with the entire QuickSeries® eGuide library quickly and seamlessly. When you download your QuickSeries Mobile® Reader you also have immediate access to a free sampling of QuickSeries® eGuides currently available for purchase.

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