Safety at Home

Support Service Members' Safety at Home

Accidents happen. Make sure your Service members know how to maintain their personal safety at home. Promote their off-duty safety with essential information on preparing for emergencies and keeping safe in various situations.

Safe Driving

  • Drive safely on and off duty by following critical safety protocols and defensive driving techniques.
  • Know how to navigate difficult driving conditions, get adequate training and wear appropriate personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Use helpful facts, statistics, checklists and resources to enhance your driving skills and stay safe on the road.

Family Safety

  • Get the tools you need to effectively prepare for, plan for and respond to any emergency situation – from earthquakes and fires to cyber-crime and theft.
  • Prevent dangerous accidents on and off duty by following appropriate safety rules and procedures.
  • Follow basic guidelines for keeping yourself, your home and your family safe from various threats.
  • Apply important tips, checklists, charts and resources to ensure your family’s safety during any emergency.

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