New Parent

Becoming a New Parent Can Be Scary

With so many "what ifs" and unknown answers, being a new parent can be an overwhelming journey. Give new parents all the help and encouragement they need in this chapter of their lives with our useful line of pregnancy and parenthood guides.

Expecting Baby

  • Ease the stress and worry of pregnancy with helpful guidance on a variety of pregnancy- and birth-related topics.
  • Follow helpful advice on coping with common pregnancy complaints, managing body changes, knowing when to call your doctor and creating a birth plan.
  • Ensure a healthy pregnancy by learning about critical lifestyle, diet and fitness recommendations.
  • Use helpful checklists, diagrams and resources for support and comfort on this journey.

Life with Baby

  • Get ready for baby by following various tips on how to prep your home and other children for this change.
  • Learn and practice basic baby-care techniques so you can confidently tend to baby.
  • Understand the value of self-care so you can better respond to baby’s needs.
  • Squash parenting myths, set baby’s schedule and discover other ways to smoothly adapt to life with your new addition.

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