Employment & Education

Facilitate Post-Military Life with Our Complete Collection of Employment and Education Tools

Help ease the stress of post-military life by supporting Service members' job-search or academic endeavors. Our complete collection of Employment and Education pocket guides, eGuides and outreach products promote Service members' transition readiness. Give them the information and resources they need for a successful post-military career.


  • Understand the education options and financial support available to Service members and family members to help smooth the path to higher education.
  • Discover eligibility for specific education and training programs to achieve personal career goals.
  • Use helpful checklists, tables, frequently asked questions and resources to make informed education decisions.

Employment Readiness

  • Use essential information and job-search guidelines to ease any potential employment and financial stresses caused by military life.
  • Learn about different military career programs and services, writing effective résumés and searching for jobs to ensure employment readiness.
  • Use important lists, tips and resources to assist in any job search.

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