Membership Hub App System

A dynamic and feature-rich App System that encompasses your association’s multiple requirements, and eliminates the need for any other communication apps

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Energize user engagement

Offer your industry a trusted source of market intelligence and insight into key issues and policies.

Connect directly

Create a communication channel designed for the new labor force. Encourage interaction between executives, members and peers.

Value for members

Give your members an edge with added-value features, such as up-to-the-minute details on events and conferences and members-only perks.

App System breakdown

Our App Systems help you deliver effective content in an innovative and convenient format to drive community engagement. Now you can give your members access to vital information in one convenient package.

The App System has two parts: the Administrative Portal and the Mobile App. These parts work together to make communication better for association executives and members alike.


The Administrative Portal is the manager’s communication channel to their members. Its suite of tools helps association executives build growth and profitability with improved member engagement and retention.


The Mobile App makes member interactions engaging and easy. Its innovative tools help members feel connected to the association and gain easy access to important information.

Membership Hub features

Essential connection and communication for professional and trade associations and their members

Authoring Tool

Create advanced documents for your members that a regular CMS cannot.

Private Registration

Enjoy the benefits of an added level of security from public user registration.

Advantages Module

Deliver exclusive 3rd party offers your members will want in a promotional space that local organizations will value.

Resource Center

Provide immediate in-app access to a variety of relevant resources.


Keep your members informed about the who, what, where and when of association events.

Forms and Reporting

Gather member feedback or highly confidential reports that are delivered directly to your portal.


Create informative news articles and push them out to all your members at once.

PDF and Video

Create your own personal libraries of PDFs and video links with need-to-know info.

eGuide Library

Easily access and browse your personal library of both self-published and QuickSeries eGuides.

Helping professional and trade associations be the voice of their industries

  • Address the needs of association members and administrators alike.
  • Dovetail your marketing and communication efforts to generate revenue and anchor official communications.
  • Promote participation and offer a digital journey as members join your association.
  • Engage and form professional relationships and renew memberships.
  • Ease your workload by instantly addressing all members at once with less fuss than traditional outreach campaigns.

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