QuickSeries Publishing Information

Yes. Here is the link to our GSA information page.

We have a complete line of pocket guides that summarize hundreds of different topics in the realm of health, fitness, safety, military life and family issues, among others.

We offer both wholesale and promotional industry pricing to select prequalified firms that wish to market our products to companies and individuals. However, we are a direct, sole source for government clients, and will not entertain any related wholesaler requests.

Absolutely. Personalization is a fundamental option that we've built our business on. When a minimum quantity is ordered, any of our formats can be personalized in many ways – from a stamp on the front cover or personalized front and back covers to a completely customized product in any format just for you! Visit our Personalization page, or please contact us to discuss how this option can work for you.

We employ a full staff of researchers, writers and editors, as well as a team of graphic designers skilled in the use of visual communication. In addition, many of our publications are written by industry experts and trade associations, or are based directly off industry-leading content. All titles are consistently updated to reflect any changes in statistics, references, policies or industry practices. And, to ensure that our content is 100% accurate, we often seek feedback from industry leaders and experts before printing our guides.


Every product features laminated pages that are tear-proof and water-resistant, and have polymer spiral binding that improves wear resistance. Pocket guides are also available in synthetic paper, which is 100% waterproof and stain-resistant.

Absolutely. A large part of product innovation comes from clients' ideas. Your QuickSeries® representative will welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have.

An eGuide is a pocket guide adapted into electronic form. While many companies offer PDFs of their material for your smartphone, we built a fully functional QuickSeries® Reader that allows you to navigate within an entire eGuide or from one eGuide to another. The benefit of this is a fully interactive experience for your smartphone! Download here.

The QuickSeries® Reader is free to download onto your smartphone. Individual eGuides can be purchased and are viewed and navigated with the Reader. And, we've designed it so you can download sample previews of certain eGuides before you buy them.

We currently have Readers available for Android and iOS devices.

Yes, absolutely. Contact us here for more information.

To provide the best possible reading experience, eGuides come in a format that is optimized to work with your screen. For screens that have higher resolutions (for example, the iPhone retina display), our eGuide downloads may be as large as 50 MB per eGuide. For smaller resolution screens, the download file size can be as small as 15 MB.

You must have a record of the eGuides that were purchased on your previous device. If you attempt to rebuy previously purchased eGuides, you will not be charged for these. If you have an Account ID that was used on a previous device to download your eGuides, send your Account ID to help@quickseries.com. We will reactivate the codes to permit another set of downloads. Please provide details about how and when you obtained the Account ID.


We will work with you to create a customized system for your message. Our experts can meet your needs, even if your requirements are very specific. Our development costs are far lower than other vendors due to our pre-built platforms.

We have developed a wide variety of apps for our clients, which include the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

You select your features and pay only for what you’re getting. Our plans can be adjusted to fit any budget.