Airman and Family Readiness Resource App

Help Airmen and their families thrive in military life. Give them easy access to the Air Force and Department of Defense programs, resources and contacts they need to ensure family readiness for any situation.

Engaging News & Alerts
  • Post articles in the user-friendly administrative portal to broadcast news to your entire community.
  • News items are saved for future reference.
  • Eye-catching photos and headlines keep your community engaged.
  • Promote Fleet and Family Support news items and events with push notifications. These alerts can be broadcast at any time to all users.
  • Deliver descriptions of all Airman and Family Readiness programs available at your base.
  • This module comes pre-filled with standard program descriptions.
  • In-app contact buttons make it easy for users to reach program administrators with only a couple of taps.
Library of eGuides
Important Resources
  • Load your app with the useful resources you want to promote.
  • Links to websites and contact buttons for phone and email allow users to make contact directly from the app.
  • Group resources by category to make finding contact information easy.
  • Easily update and maintain your list of resources through the administrative portal. Add or edit contact information, dates and times, services offered, etc. in a matter of seconds.