Finding a Job after Service: Your Next Mission

Finding a new job is hard work. This guide presents a series of missions and challenges to help Service members and Veterans start their job search and keep it moving in the right direction.

  • Networking
  • Writing an effective resume
  • Interviewing essentials
  • Accepting and negotiating an offer

RNG – Family Readiness for Deployment

A guide to help families prepare for the deployment and return of their loved ones. Help your Service members to be mission ready by giving them this important tool to prepare their families for the various challenges of Military life.

  • Manage deployment separation
  • Stress management
  • How to help the children manage
  • Where to get additional help

Military & Veteran Culture

Many Veterans feel that civilians don’t understand them or their experiences in the military. This guide is designed to help anyone who works with the military and veterans understand what service members go through, from enlisting to separation.

  • Becoming culturally competent
  • Military terms
  • Tips for being military-friendly

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Resource Guide

Coping with deployment and reintegration can be challenging without the local support of an active-duty installation. Use the resources in this guide to access national services that can help ease the transition.

  • Family & child care support
  • Legal & financial support
  • Employment assistance
  • Health care and education benefits

NG – Reunion & Reintegration

The extraordinary lifestyle that soldiers experience during a deployment and the impact this has on them and their families, makes a return to “the old lifestyle” an unreasonable expectation. Our guide provides tips can help you strengthen the family unit.

  • Make your homecoming a successful one!
  • How children may respond to your homecoming.
  • Tips on overcoming communication challenges

MONTANA ARNG – Deployment Cycle Support

Deployment can be a confusing time for Service members and their families. Have all your questions answered in this handy quick-reference guide.

  • Legal rights and benefits
  • Deployment tips for families
  • Networks of support
  • Also customized for Ohio

Deployment for Parents of Service Members

Deployment can be one of the most challenging periods for military families. Give parents the information they need to meet those challenges and support their sons and daughters through this busy, often stressful time.

  • The emotional cycle of deployment
  • Supporting your Service member
  • Staying connected
  • Reintegration tips

NAVY – Return and Reunion

Homecoming can be a stressful situation. Help reduce this stress by giving out this guide that includes tips for couples, parents, and single Sailors on preparing for their return home, along with important information on how children may react to a reunion.

  • Reestablish intimacy
  • Returning to children
  • Returning from hazardous duty

NEW YORK NG – Roadmap to Reintegration

Reintegrating back into civilian life can be difficult without the proper guidance. Use the information and phone numbers in this guide to know how to take care of:

  • business
  • your health and family
  • your benefits
  • your legal rights
  • employment and education
  • Customized for West VA, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and others

VA – Reunion and Reintegration

Assist veterans with the complicated transition back to civilian life. This guide will heighten their awareness on health care, education, and many other programs and services that are available to them within the VA.

  • Reconnecting with family and loved ones
  • Education benefits
  • Health care benefits

ARMY – Reunion and Reintegration

The uncommon lifestyle that Soldiers experience during a deployment and the impact on them and their families makes a seamless transition to their old lifestyle an unreasonable expectation. This guide provides tips that can help strengthen the family unit.

  • Making your homecoming successful
  • How children may respond to your homecoming
  • Tips on overcoming communication challenges

MARINES – Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

Relocation is a way of life in the military. This guide gives families the knowledge and resources necessary to handle a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and quickly return to a comfortable and functional lifestyle within their new community.

  • Housing
  • Entitlements
  • Benefits
  • Family matters
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