Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children

The information in this guide is designed to address many of the questions and concerns that parents and other adults in your community that care for/work with children have about both normative sexual behavior and problematic sexual behavior in children.

  • Normative sexual behavior growing up
  • Problematic sexual behavior in children explained
  • FAQs for parents and caregivers
  • Treatment
  • Advocating and reporting
  • Helpful resources

1st AD – SHARP Program Guide & Commander’s Checklist

This guide provides an overview of the 1st Armored Division & Fort Bliss’ continued efforts to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault, offering practical information to Soldiers, command leadership, victim support persons, and others working together to combat these crimes.

  • What is sexual assault?
  • Sexual assault reporting options
  • Active bystander explained
  • Commander’s 30-day checklist

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is sexual conduct that is harmful to a child’s mental, emotional or physical welfare. Learn what to watch out for and how you can protect children:

  • Warning signs and effects
  • Professional standards
  • Teaching safety
  • Where to report abuse and find help

NAVY – Child Neglect

Every child has the right to a safe, stable and nurturing environment. Leaders and other military personnel can use this guide as a prevention tool to identify warning signs and protect children from neglect and maltreatment.

  • Types of child neglect and warning signs
  • Prevention and reporting options
  • State supervision guidelines

ARMY – SHARP Program

American Soldiers are a band of brothers and sisters, bound by common values that demand loyalty, integrity and respect for one another. When a sexual assault occurs, it is a direct violation of those values. This guide provides an overview of the Army’s SHARP program to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Dating & Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a wide-ranging problem that can have severe negative effects on those involved. Give your community the resources and help they need to stay safe.

  • Types of abuse and where to get help
  • Warning signs and homicide risk
  • Safety planning
  • How to help a friend

Active Bystander Intervention for Service Members

Stop sexual harassment before it happens by becoming an active bystander. Readers can use this guide to learn more about taking a stand against sexual violence.

  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • How to spot dangerous situations
  • Nonviolent intervention techniques

Recovering from Sexual Trauma for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault

Sexual violence is a crime. The physical and emotional trauma it causes can affect victims for years. This guide provides information for victims of rape and sexual assault. This product is licensed by RAINN

  • Physical and psychological effects of sexual trauma
  • Reporting the crime
  • Coping and recovery
  • Media awareness

Military Sexual Trauma

Victims of sexual assault need to understand that they are not alone. They also need to know the resources and options that are available. You can help walk these victims through the steps to surviving with the important information found in this guide.

  • Reporting options
  • Recovery tips
  • Common reactions

USCG – Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)

This guide helps victim advocates in their efforts to support survivors of sexual assault and promotes the compassionate care these victims need to move forward with their lives.

  • Understanding the impact of sexual violence
  • Reporting options
  • Medical and forensic exams
  • Military justice

MARINES – Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse for Commanders

Domestic violence happens often enough that the Marine Corps has made it an item of specific concern. Our guide helps commanders to understand the issues surrounding the victims, so that the victim (whether spouse or child) gets appropriate care.

  • Abuse risk factors / indicators of abuse
  • FAP and military response system overview
  • Prevention and reporting
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