Put an End to Harassment in the Workplace

Employees have the right to feel safe and comfortable at work – harassment is never acceptable. This guide teaches employees how to identify and respond to harassing behaviors.

  • Workplace harassment
  • Identifying harassment
  • Types of harassment
  • Responding to Harassment

Breaking Free – Overcoming Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time — it’s a fact of life. For some people, though, anxiety can become a serious problem.

  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Resilience & confidence
  • Coping techniques
  • Treatment options
  • Also Available in Spanish

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, and causes an overall decrease in morale. Learn how you can create a workplace that is free of harassment and comfortable for all employees.

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Harassing behavior
  • Responding to harassment claims
  • How to file a complaint

Grieving Guide: Coping with Grief and Loss

Navigating through grief is filled with overwhelming emotions that are difficult to deal with. Use the information in this guide to help you in your grief journey.

  • Mourning styles and types of grief
  • Physical, emotional and mental reactions to loss
  • Helpful resources and support
  • Also Available in Spanish

Spot It. Stop It. Be an Active Bystander

Stop sexual harassment before it happens by helping your community become active bystanders. This guide will teach them about:

  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • How to spot dangerous situations
  • Nonviolent intervention techniques

Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict

Workplace stress and conflict can have a negative impact on any company. Employers and employees must learn how to manage their work-related stress and conflicts so that they can perform at their best.

  • Common causes of workplace stress and conflict
  • Tips for controlling your emotions
  • Helpful exercises to control the effects of stress and conflict

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Workplace conflict can negatively impact a company and its employees. Discover how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can help settle workplace disputes quickly and efficiently – before problems escalate.

  • Introduction to workplace conflict
  • Types and benefits of ADR
  • Alternative discipline practices
  • Helpful ADR resources

Civil Rights in the Workplace

Equal Opportunity is the principle that all people have the right to work and advance based on merit and ability. This guide is for employees and employers wanting to promote an equal and fair opportunity workplace.

  • Your Rights as an Employee
  • What is Discrimination?
  • What is Harassment?
  • What is Reasonable Accommodation?

Dealing with Worry: For a Calmer You

Worrying might be a normal reaction in certain situations, but excessive worrying can lead to stress and anxiety. Give employees the tools they need to control worry before it controls them.

  • Types of worry
  • Causes of worry
  • Assessing your worry
  • Self-care strategies

Workplace Violence: Staying Safe at Work

Preventing workplace violence is everyone’s responsibility. Each year, 1.7 million American workers are directly affected by assaults and violent acts. Workplace violence should never be a consequence of the need to make a living.

  • Four types of workplace violence
  • Awareness and warning signs
  • How to react/respond to a violent situation

Equal Opportunity for Service Members

The military team succeeds only when all members are accepted as equals. Discrimination has no place in the military. This guide will help you to get this important message out to all members of the military in a concise and effective way.

  • Racism, sexism and prejudice
  • Dealing with discrimination
  • Confronting sexual harassment
  • Cultural awareness
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